Why isn't this game in the best game aisle?

User Rating: 9.5 | TouchMaster DS
Touch Master for the DS is really the best game I had ever owned mostly because whenever I'm bored I can expect that I will play this game. The game play is so good that I find myself sliding the game into the game hole on my DS when I'm bored. Yeah! The controls are really easy that most of the time I don't need the instruction manual anymore. The graphics are really good for the fact that a lot of DS games have bad graphics like Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized. The sound and music basically are really great for a DS game. Sorry but there is no story. The game is just made a ton of really fun minigames. Overall the game is worthy for a DS gift or just for another addition to your DS library. I suggest that if you don't have Touch Master and you have a DS or DSi I really recommend this game mostly it's basically a portable arcade system. I'm really not joking.