Best of total war series, back to beginning!..

User Rating: 10 | Total War: Shogun 2 PC
Before i begin my review, i would like to say that i have not played Empire Total war. Total war at that theme looked wrong to me. After pointing that out:

I remember playing shogun total war. Day and night, no stop. It takes a great place within my childhood and now to see it with a masterpiece like this ! Boy, i don't know why i spend time writing this to you.

Good points :

*Graphics... Astonishing... You see your warriors as if they are samurai with great skill. Movement and choreography for your small Total War soldiers is really inspiring !
*Special units... Seeing ninja killing enemy generals fast. New hero units... Epicness.
*Combat and the strategy map is really complex and realistic.
*Seeing small islands and rocks really started a new age for the naval battles. Smart !
*Campaign map isn't different from that either, there are a lot of things you should look out for in both maps.
*AI is really clever. That is all . No comment pls... Yea its emberrasing...
*Multiplayer. New drop-in button does miracles. Really fun and enjoyable. Only tried it two times, i'll try it again soon . I didnt have time to try avatar conquest yet but i smells of epicness.
*The art in pictures used in the game, really motivates you. You get into that world and feel that Japanese theme.
*Some of the music used in the game is from Shogun Total War itself. Really inspiring, and i was really happy to hear them again.
*Skill trees for your generals, family tree where you can give commisions to your brothers or check your generals, really brings some good ideas to the game. I loved these, even though family tree makes me feel godlike. I certainly wouldn't force anything to my son like that.
*I'm sure there are a lot of things to point out but i gotta play this game so i'll cut here. Besides, its a lot more readable if i cut here.

Bad points:
(This part is really hard)
*Well the campaign map have long waiting times since there are too many clans. It may also be because of my ancient laptop i still don't know how the game even works with my hardware. Another good point , low system requirements with good graphics. Rare nowadays . Oh this is supposed to be a bad point... Nvm...

Okay so, Shogun Total War 2 is, with no question, by far the best Total War game in the series. Medieval and Rome had a different theme so it would be wrong to compare them to Shogun 2. Still, Shogun 2 really has lots of different ideas. Seeing the old Shogun come back, i didn't even hesitate to preorder, and i wouldn't hesitate if they said i had to pay the same money again to continue playing. I think i'll at least lose a week because of this game. I really should go and check out the Avatar Conquest section.

I really wonder what they will make next.

Thanks for reading!