The magic is back and Im happy again.

User Rating: 9 | Total War: Shogun 2 PC
I have played all the TW games exstensively and by far my favorite was Shogun. I used to use Shogun in conversation as an example to parents of the kind of games they should let their kids play. Playing the original I learned more about feudal Japan than I ever did in any history class in school.

Im am pleased to report that Shogun 2 has maintained that extreme level of redundant detail that makes the game so rich. The development team did not need to put so much time into art work and unit descriptions, but they did and that is what makes this game so magical. It feels like your playing a small part in the genuine history of the time.

Graphics are incredible, the campaign map and the battle fields are rendered in superb detail. Sound was always a highlight of Shogun and Shogun 2 does not dissapoint. The ambient sounds blend beautifully with the excellent music and if you love the Shakahatchi (wooden flute) you can just close your eyes and imagine yourself by a small waterfall in Japan. The emmersion is complete with Shogun 2.

If I have one gripe it would be that the game play on the battlemap is about 3% to fast for my liking. I find the units can move to quickly when you are zoomed up and tend to look a little cartoony when they do this. However its a tiny whine against a superb product. I imagine I will get as many hours of play from this as I did the original.