Good game, but not great like Medieval 2!

User Rating: 8 | Total War: Shogun 2 PC
Been plating for 4 hours and to say I'm not too impressed.

The controls in battle are too complicated. I master them, but for many people this game is too difficult. The movement of the units is too fast, I got 8 units of archers, and the enemy had 4 units of samurais. My archers didn't kill 10% of them till they reached my units, it's like they have some engine in their as**es. :D

The graphics are wonderful, perfectly, and the game is not hardware hungry.

The world map (japan map) is so great done, and everything on it too. The models of generals, forts, ports, and other stuff. You can do much more than in the past total war games.

Also, an addition are the skill trees for your generals, monks and other.

I love everything about this game, but something is missing, everything feels like I've been there many years ago. Anyway I will continue to play, maybe I will change my mind !