Have played every total war game and this one is one of my favoriate.

User Rating: 9 | Total War: Shogun 2 PC
Great so far but I do have one complaint. I cannot change the anti-aliasing. I do meet the recommended system requirement to play. My video card is a 1GB nVidia 260GTX. I have 4GB RAM. 2.8ghz AMD dual core processor. The game looks and play great but I wish the anti-aliasing was enabled so that it would look even better.

I really like the new online features and the new avatar system. Adds a whole new level to the game. It is nice to see something fresh and new. Also nice to not be fighting all over the world. I really liked Empire total war but at a point it go to big and I was spending more time managing than fighting. So it is nice to see the smaller world map. Overall a good solid total war game. Just hope they enable the AA soon! Otherwise this would make the experience of the game less in my opinion.