Best game in the Total War!!!

User Rating: 10 | Total War: Shogun 2 PC
After playing about three hours I can say with certainty that this is the best game in the series, and I began to play more with the first Shogun, Shogun 2 is a masterpiece, here everything is so elaborated in detail that one can only take my hat off to the development team, and I played all the games in series and am not particularly fond of Japan, though I respect them a great culture, the era of Rome, one of the favorite but Shogun 2 is so epic that is done I'm sure you'll be impressed with how the game is made with love.
Maybe the game is not so much for everything, and nearly to the story (although I may be wrong), but once you get addicted to the game you forget about it, this game is a very good way to get acquainted with the culture of Japan, part of which remained in modern Japan I have always respected them for their spirit, and I am sure that out of this tragedy they leave as soon as possible with minimal losses.

Thank you very much game developers, continue in the same spirit:)