Would you recommend this game to someone who hasn't played many strategy games?

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I just got a new computer that can actually run video games so I was contemplating giving this game a go because I am a huge fan of the sengoku/feudal Japan setting. As the title says, I haven't played many strategy games but I am interested. Would a newcomer like this game?

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In one word- YES. I have played the TW series since Shogun-1 first came out 10 years ago and have worked thru them all except Napoleon and Empire- the last one was a bust in my opinion. Rome seems to be the most popular of the series even tho the engine and graphics are simplistic by today's standards. A lot of TW fans are calling for the remake of Rome but back to Shogun-2. This is a total package that makes you think every step of the way to conquest. It is true that all armies have the same basic weaponry therefore tactical positioning comes into play esp. against superior forces. The learning curve is not excessively hard but be prepared to lose a few games before you figure out all the tweaks in the game. The decision of interplay among building certain buildings in some provinces; the upgrading of farms to provide sufficient rice for your burgeoning populations and armies, the decision on how to use the technology trees to advantage and the decision on when to expand your fleets on the seas for trade all come into play here. I have over 1000 hours on Shogun-2 and never tire of it as each game; even playing the same faction has the overall game playing out differently. I am still thinking of getting Fall of the Samurai, which is a stand alone to Shogun-2 but being a purist, I really don't like guns. However, there are so many people who rave on it. There used to be a geat forum on here but since Gamespot split (I still don't know the reason) it seems like this board has become a ghost town. Total War Centre has a forum that a lot of people now go to for Q/A. Look around, if you buy this game and there is a great walk thru bu egpflux0 (be prepared tho it runs 66 printed pages but is a big help in getting a head start. I am running Windows 7 and lots of power and DirectX 11 is stable. The graphics are awesome and there are some great mods out there if you are interested. TW series has been around for a decade now and for good reason - it is addictive and use friendly.

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If you're a fan of the Japanese era/setting (like moi) then i don't have to say anymore.

but if you haven't played many strategy games, then..well let's talk about that.

the game is split into 2 modes, Real time battle and Turn based mode

you can go the whole entire game without going into battle mode,

but it gets boring.

Strategy gmes aren't usually like this.

Command and Conquer: real time shooting/command troops

Civilization: Create an empire and take over the world

Total War: turn based/real time battle.


so if you like the whole idea, then yeah this game is most definitly for you.

but if not..then you might want to try a game like Way of the Samurai. (which is just a hack and slash)

which are set in the Sengoku era and such. but if you don't mind controlling people/armies..then sure!

watch some Gameplay and then decide for yourself. :)