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I am playing this game and I don't understand it:

- I destroyed a clan and this clan continues attacking me. That clan doesn't appears at diplomacy box so why it continues attacking me?

- Since the beginning rebels a lot is messing up all my buildings and resources even at easy mode. Why?

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When public order decreases in a certain province you get rebellions that rise up. Usually, the rebels wear the banners of the clan you conquered to take the province. Everyone gets their ass kicked the first time they try a campaign. Total War games have a very steep learning curve. If you're getting rebellions it's because you're not keeping an eye on public order. You need to make sure your rice paddies are providing enough food. Upgrade them if they're not. Also, keep a bigger garrison at your castles so repression will outweigh peasant dissatisfaction.
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You did not state what clan you are starting with. I suggest one of two easier clans- the Chosokobe or the Shimazu. Concentrate on developing both tech trees in a uniform fashion with an eye to getting to the Land Consolidation as this will provide the maximum rice production and help keep your peasants from revolting on you. In the beginning don't rush to battle; build no higher than a Fortress as this is the most economical in terms of defence and rice consumption. Take your time and build just enough of an army for an adequate defence (trial and error). I find that diplomacy will not kick in until you have some Trading Ports which means building Trade ships as early as possible and getting on some of the Trade Nodes to make extra money. Also, it is an often overlooked point that you can adjust your tax rate at different times during the game; Go normal when you need the money to do upgrades to towns and armies but down the road with four or five provinces under your control plus some Trade Nodes you can reduce the tax rate to LOW. This will allow the town health to expand and subsequently produce more revenue. This will become very important at Realm Divide when all trading revenue will be cut off and you will have to rely on your captured provinces for money generation. If you got to Total War Centre Forums you will find that there are a number of Walk Thrus for different clans that might be of help. Don't dispair on this game. There is so much to think about in controlling your faction but this is what makes TW such a fascinating series. Just go slow and be patient. By the way, I do play with the DarthMod.

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Hey guys so I am looking to host my very first LAN party and I was hoping if others on here have hosted a LAN party that could give me some pointers! If you had a choice between League of legends, Shogun 2 ,World of Warcraft or Battle field 4 which one would you want to play? do people have a preference in terms of days to have a LAN party, I was thinking either on a Friday or Saturday. Best of all I usually like quick finger foods like chips, popcorn, pizza what about you what are your food and drink that others on here like to have during their battle! ;-)