The next total war game will be Victoria Total War.

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I am convinced that sometime next year or the year after Creative Assembly will announce Victoria total war. I say this because when Medieval 2 Kingdoms came out one of its campagins about conquest of the Americas by Spain. When I played it I thought that it was only a matter of time before they come out with a total war that covers the coloniel period of the 17th and 18th centuries, then of course Empire was announced. NOW I can say that after playing Fall of The Samurai and seeing how it has gatling guns and Ironclads as units and the ability to recuit Johnny reb vets as agents and build railroads I can say that everyone should expect Victoria Total War in the near future along with a expanson for it that focuses on either the American Civil War ( If the first game doesnt include it) or the Zulu wars in South Africa or the reunifaction of Germany in the mid 19th Century by Bismark.

If it does happen remember you heared it from me. ( I hope they make this game cause it would be great !!!!!!!!!!)

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Looks like we'll find out soon enough:

Announcement is incoming! July 6th at Rezzed, unless they somehow decide to reveal at E3, which the article would indicate they will not due to it being described as 'exclusive'.

I'll also add that there's currently a discussion about this in the strategy games forum, check it out.