Why all the complaints?

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I just recently bought this game off steam and can only say I am enjoying it as much as I enjoyed Shogun 2. Now I'm fairly new to the series so I may not be a pro Total War player yet, but at the same time I can't see why people are not happy with this game, it has so much to offer to strategy fans. There are some minor bugs that I have encountered and the AI isn't perfect, I get that, but it wasn't perfect in Shogun 2 either.

So, why all the complaints?

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Great game, each game gets better and better. Hopefully we will see a Medieval 3 next

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RTW2 is utter and complete shit compared to previous iterations. The lack of any sort of unit collision in battles alone is enough for me not to play this game, even if I look past the myriad of other problems this game has.



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Yeah this is one of the few games that I bought into the hype afterall they promised a next gen rome strategy game only for it to look and play like shit. I played it for a few hours on release and haven't played it since.