This game can actually look pretty nice.

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By turning off: Radar visibility "o key," unit cards visibility "I key," and most importantly UI visibility "K key," you can get some decent eye candy.

This picture actually looked better while playing it. To get a better quality picture of the above pic, go to properties, copy the url, and paste it into your search engine. It still looked a tiny bit better while playing though.

Another thing I just learned by luck, if you have cinematic view (insert key) on a unit that unit will have slightly better stats, fighting abilities.

Something I really like about the game after 40 hours I am still learning things that are new to me.

Feel free to share some of your best pics, I would say keep it to 3 a post. I like to see where I rank and if you've seen something interesting I haven't.

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Nice screenshot, but I'm not enjoying it much now. For some unknown reason, my siege battle keeps crashing. Thinking it's a corrupted file, I deleted it, reloaded another file, same thing happened. I don't know if it's the patch because I did not have this happen to me before. I'm very disappointed.

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For 10 years in the making no it doesn't.

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@davidsworld3: loser troll is a loser troll get a life