Remember when Creative Assembly were great?

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Anyone remember these shows?

Decisive Battles

Time Commanders

Look at what they have become today... apparently more interested in marketing on twitter and Facebook than actually making great games... so sad. We truly need a rival company, someone else to make epic historic strategy games now.

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I always wanted to see a Civ/TW hybrid. I felt like Civ had the map management stuff down really well while TW had the best combat. Not so sure now with this game.
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I am really enjoying TW: Rome II. I feel the game has good pacing. I started out with one region as Sparta now I have around 90% of Greece conquered and I'm heading east. I totally feel like Alexander the Great (I know Sparta is not Macedon, close enough) leading my Pikemen and hoplites to the East.

I think having limited armies and having a limited amount of a unit you can recruit is a good idea. It makes you look forward to when you expand your imperium and are allowed more than 6 armies. Keeps the game from freezing and I care more about my armies. Also balances the game. I think tech and building also has good pacing.

I make around 6,000 money a turn. I also like propping up a faction, the Cimeras, by giving them money--sometimes 4,000. I hope the AI spends it wisely.

Rome II is my favorite Total War game and it is starting to roll into my all time favorite game of any genre spot. I have played and rank:

1. TW: Rome II for 31 Hrs.

2. TW: Empire for 130 Hrs.

3. TW: Rome for 21 Hrs.

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Lol the game is so easy and require almost no strategy. I literally use the same tactic in every battle. This game reminds me of games that are pc only for while, but then they make a multiplatform version that's heavily dumbed down to attract an audience that might quit because of learning curve.
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Honestly the only reason why it was ever great was because of modders like Darth who made the games a lot better than they were originally...Games like supreme commander are true war games.  If only I had enough time to get into it again.

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Mother of God what is this board Lord of the Rings? Never have I seen so many Trolls in my life in one spot as there are on this board