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Don't know if anyone has posted these already so forgive me if they have. http://www.pcgamer.com/previews/total-war-rome-2-preview-every-detail-about-the-new-engine-naval-combat-multiplayer-and-mods/?ns_campaign=article-feed&ns_mchannel=ref&ns_source=steam&ns_linkname=0&ns_fee=0

that's the straight preview

then some interviews and such too http://www.pcgamer.com/2012/07/02/total-war-rome-2-video-interviews-creative-assembly-on-battles-and-the-campaign-game/?ns_campaign=article-feed&ns_mchannel=ref&ns_source=steam&ns_linkname=0&ns_fee=0

tis looking very, very sexy

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Still don't understand why they won't let us see this 15 min demo of the siege of Carthage!
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They probably feel that it's not ready as in graphics and gameplay for the public to see it as it may put them off buying it, and if they release too much footage too early then they will generate hype which may dissipate near release because of the volume of footage available. I mean Rockstar releases a few gameplay vids every now and again and they really know how to make hype.
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I guess that makes sense, it would also explain the super zoomed-out screenshots.It will be interesting to see what they bring out for this one; I still remember that massive 15+ minute in-house preview of the first Rome that came out before release, I seriously watched it umpteen times before the game came out. But now that you mention it, I guess it has been like 8 months since we saw any footage for GTAV from Rockstar (ie. since the announcement trailer)