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What is your favorite mix of ships in a fleet? I have tried a combination of the "funnies" (4) with assault infantry (6) and rounded out with spear chuckers (10) and one a ship vs ship conflict with most sea faring nations, I get my butt kicked. I always auto-resolve only because it is beyond my ability to handle a 20 ship force in any cohesive manner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I haven't had an engagement that big yet (still early doors in my first campaign and not enough time around work), but a tactic that's worked on smaller engagements is to put my spear units in groups of 2 or 3 and to move them as groups on the flanks, or 3 groups with one up the middle as well. Those ships lead and engage at range, hopefully pinning, or drawing into hand to hand combat/boarding actions. I then move my biggest ships independently - they're heavy and therefore best when ramming and try to get them coming in at an angle at the pinned enemy and ram them. If the other ship is engaged, particularly in hand to hand combat, it's almost impossible for them to move. If you catch them midships at 90 degrees or so, roughly 50% of the time you can sink them. Even if you don't they'll take massive losses. If you're ramming ships are coordinated, you might sink say 3 enemy ships almost simultaneously. Even if that's not enough to win immediately, it causes a huge morale shock and even if the enemy doesn't rout, you should have enough of an advantage to finish them relatively quickly. The lesson from that tactic is to be defensive when you're maneuvering - always try and approach the enemy head on - a head to head ram - even at a slight angle might cause casualties, but probably won't sink (unless there is a hugh disparity in size), so you need to maneuver so that the other side can't get in position to ram you. Plus when ramming time the "row hard" ability to get maximum speed.
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Sound good. Will give it a try.

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