How to offer payment to other factions?

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In the previous games, you could edit how much you wanted to give them, when i click the arrow in this game, i can either give them all my money or nothing at all. I don't know if it's a glitch, bug or whether or not it's apart of the game. If i earn enough, i tend to use some cash in the hopes to help factions agree to my diplomacy, but i can't seem to edit how much i want to give them. Lets say i have a couple billion, i can either give them that eniter pay load or nothing. Any info would be nice. So far, this game is becoming worse than Empire and Shogun 2 with all of its problems and all  :(

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eah sounds like a bug. Mine increases and decreases in 10% increments when I click the arrows.
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I agree that you have a glitch. I just made my first payment (bribe) today with faction that I did not even know were my allies until I attacked Alalia being held by a rebel army. I had no problem going thru the diplomacy path to thank them for helping out.

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