Getting destroyed on normal!

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Ok, so the last time i played a total war game was 7 years ago and while at it, i had some medicore success on the campaign map, eventually getting stuck at trying to defend my sertlements from sieges that came from every side of the map, but at least i could destroy a few factions. Now, 7 years later i suddenly got the itch to try out the new installment. I picked the suebi faction and had to restart the game 4 times, because after a few turns the pc overwhelms me. I am playing on normal. At the vey start i occupy 2 settlements, because after a few turns i find it impossible to crack on the defenses of these cities as they hold much greater forces then i can muster in such a short ammount of time. But even then, the enemy starts raiding me with 20/20 armies, at the same time my cities are not having enough food, army attritions etc. even though i build food buildings.

I watched the ingame tutorials and tried to figure out some tactics on my own, not browsing through the RT2 forums. Everybody is saying how this game is very easy, so it seems i am doing something absolutely wrong. Can someone give me some tips?

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Whats the Suebi is that like some Middle Eastern Faction or European Barbarian tribe?

All I can advise is try a few different things. Also try to use your advantages.

If you don't have enough food. Maybe you can demolish one of your current buildings, for example if you have a shipright, change it to a fish harbor. Also right click on your options to get the Encyclopedia that will show you which building will provide the most food. If you are picking farms to build, build the one that provides the most food if that is your cities problem.

If you are trying to hold a town with walls. Look where the enemy is placed. I know my spartans have the square formation which is good for standing your ground. Place one of those units at the entrance of the gate inside the walls. This funnels the enemy into a small space where your stand their ground troops can hold their own. Back that unit at the gate up with another one. Also there is a tech that lets your gates have hot oil which is pretty useful when you don't have numbers.

Put the game in slow motion in battle mode. You will have more time to plan your moves and formations.

Like I said try a few different things. Be choosy on picking generals too, if you hover your mouse over one of their icons their traits will be displayed; pick a general with good traits. Some generals even have a food bonus for the province they are in.

As the Suebi I'm guessing you must have some troops with a formation that is good at standing their ground. If you are defending a city that has no walls scope out some strategic points where the enemy may enter to get to your victory point--streets between two town buildings are good to make a stand. Block off these strategic points with your "stand your ground troops" and put slingers and missles behind them.

I learned it helps (it's faster) to issue commands to your troops by clicking on their flag poles in battle mode; then glance down at your troop user interface to make sure you have the right troop you wanted selected. I'm not saying use it all the time, but it can be helpful. This also helps at targeting the enemy with special abilities from your general. Use your general's special ability every once in awhile, perhaps in a close fight; if you have the game in slow motion mode during battles you should have the time. Also a good way to tell you used as special ability (I am pretty sure) is if a timer comes up on the command counting down when you are allowed to use it again.

I am playing on normal too as Sparta and I have lost a few fights, and I also won a few defensive battles. I've had the AI hold its own in most fair fights.

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If you are defending a city that has no walls scope out some strategic points where the enemy may enter to get to your victory point--streets between two town buildings are good to make a stand. Block off these strategic points with your "stand your ground troops" and put slingers and missles behind them.strategyfn
This and keeping your general alive are like the most important. You can win outnumbered 5-1. A lot of times there are cliffs overlooking a control point that can only be reached through a choke point. I like putting my missile units there.



Another thing you can do with food is click on a settlement in one of your provinces, go to the city details, and uncheck "tax province." You'll make less money per turn, but the food consumption from that province will not count. You also will not receive any food that the province is producing. Turn taxes back on after you've constructed enough food buildings.

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Thanks guys, will try out your suggestions.

I'm starting to notice that good knowledge of your units is crucial in battles, as when i attack a defending force with spearmen they lose morale pretty quickly and then the whole army starts breaking up, but i tried to strom the gates with the "club levis" and they had no problem standing their ground (berserking helped too). Still pretty foggy on sea battles and enemy ranged units give me alot of trouble, but i will try to build some stables and then rush those bastards with a cavalry unit.

I'm also wondering if it's a good idea to coax other factions with money? When i would do that in medieval, the crazy A.I woud brake alliances with me, even when we were in a "very high" relationship and me being a much bigger faction. I hope the A.I is a bit smarter now.

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Yes, the encyclopedia and the unit definition is pretty important to click if you are lost as to what the unit does. Just right mouse click on a unit and the encyclopedia stats will come up. I use it a lot.

I hear the phalanx is a defensive position and once you move your troops they break formation. I am not sure if the Suebi have something similiar of a formation. The square formation is also good to hold narrow choke points.

About the navy. I think it is important to invest in some naval tech. I think you can get some decent tech that only costs around 3 or so turns and then some more tech that costs a few more turns. I think you can get bonuses of up 20% more hull, and 15% more speed, and better ramming stats. I'm only 23 Hrs. in and I am pretty much a noob myself.

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I played Suebi on hard, conquered 3 cities and gave up after 30 turns or so. Not because I was overwhelmed, but because I suspected the AI was cheating greatly on stats. I think past TW games gave the AI economic and reasonable stat bonuses on hard, which is fine. But when my army of veteran units with ballistas and upgraded weapons lose morale so easily to an almost equal enemy force of recruits (same unit type) without artillery support and get slaughtered, it seemed as if my men were given an unfair morale penalty. So I started up a new game as the Romans instead.