First Gameplay Trailer Released

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No topic on the GS board for this yet so I thought I'd start one. Trailer is up everywhere, including GS, but here's the official Youtube link:

Some naive people think this is all CGI, but it indeed is not. Game developers always think about every single detail shown in the trailers they put out, and they always tend to highlight features that they want to show off and advertise. I thought I'd point out a few:

  • The trailer already seems to be portraying a deeper sense of story in Rome 2 than anything we saw in Shogun 2. This reflects some of the comments the developers have made in previews.
  • A HUGE emphasis on facial tech, including expressions, emotions and speech. You can see the captains looking at things of interest, and this again reflects a lot of the comments made by developers in interviews/previews about making the battles more 'human' and giving emotional interactions for every soldier on the battlefield relating to what's going on around them. This is particularly important in how they want to push both scales of the battlefield - both large scale and small scale down to individual combat between soldiers. They are implementing first-person-like cameras, and a couple shots really showcase how close you can get involved with the battle now.
  • Showing off the new mechanic for naval assaults and combined battles, as troops are jumping of a naval vessel for a beach landing assault.
  • Physics seem improved a bit, watching the way the boulder hits the ground, how the bodies fly, and how that building crumbles.
  • Troops can flip/throw enemies off edges it seems.
  • That city looks flippin' huge, and in fact it has been stated that it's bigger than anything we've seen in previous TW games. Again, showcasing how they are pushing the scale in both directions. The city's height is impressive and it will be interesting to see how intricate the streets really are.
  • Final shot with the imposing elephants - note how close the camera is to the ground, trying to get you right in the thick of things.

Feel free to add your own thoughts or anything else you'd like to point out.

It's going to be a long wait!

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Exclusive Carthage walkthrough now up on GS! Pretty much reinforces most of the things I said above. Lots of extra bits on information in there, and they are certainly saying the right things that all fans want to hear. 40% bigger budget will hopefully mean something! I have no doubt the graphics will be immensely improved toward release.
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Have you seen this trailer yet it doesnt show game play but it does show how much money their dumping into this one because they payed actors to do this trailor so this game is going to be IMO the best yet ;)