CA should be forever referred to as CRIMINAL AUTHORITY

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WHY is there NO incentive for gaming companies like CRIMINAL AUTHORITY to live up to their advertising?

They couldve literally given you a game with "texture missing" splashed over every cutscene background and then tell you to "Deal with it. You dont need graphics!" They could literally show you a different build with fire-at-will and guard mode present and then SELL you a copy without them in the game... and then have some **** lord tell you "You dont need it. Deal with it!"

Its called criminal behavior. And there is no end to the criminals at CRIMINAL AUTHORITY (CA) who have made their money and are now telling you to deal with it.

When will a precedent be established to protect the consumer in this case and context? Is there no justice? Its not the same game advertised and we are SICK of this CRIMINAL behavior!

You god **** CROOKS!! :evil: