CA Apology & What They Are Doing

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Read the post by CA in Total War Wiki, Rome 2 forums at this link:

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Meh if I could get my money back I would, this game sucks, they can shove their apology up their asses, cheap words, they still got your money.

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Their reply is pathetic and just something to save face.

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The only fix is a remake. The game is heavily flawed at it's core.
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They should at least do a half refund at least, I could use that money for a better game.  This game is gonna go unplayed for a long time.

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Money talks and Bulsht walks. Been there, heard that and did not buy the T-shirt.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".

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2 % of the gamers? and blaming it on the hardware configurations? everyone might have different cpu or gpu but for the most part , they all have the same architecture, only different in their processing powers...what about sli configurations which is so common in pc world?why can it not utilize a gpu of the last two gen at most efficiency then? what kind of hardware they were optimizing the game for? bs. 2% is too much? what about 100 percent then?