any big mods coming out?

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I haven't played more than a few hours into this game maybe 4 before I just felt too underwhelmed with the game, but if there are any realism mods, blood, n the such I could see giving it another go.

Somehow though I doubt even mods will make the game as appealing and addicting as shogun 2 fall of the samurai was. I haven't played that game in a good while though, I played it for over 2 years straight, but after this game came out really killed my desire to play any of the total war games.

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There is an official Blood & Gore DLC for $3

Haven't tried it yet but it's kinda annoying - stuff like this should have shipped with the game.

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I've been looking to get a mod which slows down the pace of combat when units are battling it out in melee - mainly just so I can actually have some time to watch the fights like in the old RTW, rather than frantically flying about the map the entire time, as I find myself doing these days. Anyone got any good recommendations from the steam community workshop/modding space for this?