Amount of players is plummeting

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it was 110,000 on release day and now its at 55,000.

Hmm.. false advertising and unethical business practices just dont seem to be good for keeping fans around. Is there a moral to this sad episode?

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I will give this a fair shot, say another 50 yours then your stat can deduct one more player. CA-this is your wake-up call. Ignore it at your peril.

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I've stopped my campaign at about 7 or so hours in basically because I figure I'll wait until the end of semester (I'm at uni, in Australia) which is a couple months from now, then I'll get an extra couple months of patches which will hopefully give me a much better game. I'm primarily looking for: - Better optimisation (graphics mainly) - Superior AI - Harder difficulty (both campaign and battlefield) As much as I like a lot of the game, these issues are simply killing the experience for me. I suspect many others are in the same boat. But the damage has certainly been done now - it's a shame it just so happened on their biggest and most anticipated title yet.
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and i find it really ammusing in todays world how you can ask questions about this stuff before the game was ever released, and have some doubts and questions, but hordes of fanboi's litterally attack you verbally trying to protect their favorite ip.

Then the game comes out and what are people complaining about? the exact same things you were concerned about to begin with. Todays gaming community makes a herd of sheep look progressive.

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You may be right on this and I was one of them at the start. However, the more I get into this one I realize that it has so many refinements that I was not used to in either Rome or Med-2. Heck, even Shogun-2. My impression now is to start a new campaign with the info I now have and have a better experience with it. I still think it was "over-engineered" and it can be totally frustrating to spend just about as much time watching the game cycle through the provinces on each turn (movement turned off, of course) as it is to do every thing else excepting the battles. It's a good game but not as great as I was expecting.

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They broke everything in this game that I loved about shogun 2...with mods of course, CA cant do jack without them, and with I dare say their best modder Darth being done with modding, I say this game has absolutely no chance in bringing me back into it.  I didn't play long before I stopped playing altogether maybe around 4 or 5 hours at the most, was just so frustrating and boring, without the blood dlc we got in shogun 2, the battles are very dull and boring to watch.

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I would suggest a little more time. I was in the same boat as you and ready to give up but trashing my first campaign and starting a second with all the info. I needed, I find this to be a good game which may get better with patchs. Also, I am playing vanilla but have heard that RADIUS has a complete mod on TW Centre. I am not recommending this as I have not added it but I know it was also available in Shogun-2. I did not use it as I went with Darth. The issue with blood may still come just as it did with Shogun-2 but for me it is non-essential. In truth, this game was hyped way beyond it's capabilities but it is non, IMO, a terrible game.

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Had a good time playing the game on my 7 year old computer and 3 year old laptop but just couldn't enjoy it, too much lag and I knew they needed to patch the game for all the different Video cards and processors out there. I could tell that overall the game was a great improvement over Rome I which was outstanding when I first played that in the Winter of 2004 in my Iraqi Bunker.

I bought a new computer a month ago and with the patches that have come out in the interim the game is running in all its glory. There are minor details that can be frustrating, like siege offensive AI is still lacking but overall the game is brilliant.

So to those gamers out there that have a modern gaming rig and aren't spoiled rotten Generation Me douchebags that want everything right now " Come on back" this game rules

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sextus1 I still haven't played it since release...yeah I doubt anyone really plays this anymore I'm surprised how fast time has passed. I just now had a stray thought about the game and thought to check on the board...nothing added to it.