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A small town I held was attacked by a much larger force from the sea. Having taken advantage of the disorganized landing pattern of the enemy ships, after like 30 minutes I managed to rout most enemy units only to discover that two enemy ships were bugged and their soldiers would not disembark. I could not attack them with my ranged units either and because I don't use the unrealistic time limit I could do nothing more.

This concludes me playing Rome 2 Total War.

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I learned a long time ago to turn the timer on for these games because of bugs.
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I had the same scenario but my garrison got its butt kicked eventually.

I haven't had any problems with AI path finding so far in 38 Hrs. It is improved over Empire imo. I started to play without a timer around 10 Hrs. in. I might bring back the timer though my next playthrough for the sake of more of a challenge; I haven't decided yet.

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This happened to me in Rome- Barbarian Invasion when the attacking force against my fortified position would neither keep attacking (only had cavalry left) nor would they retreat. This taught me to use the timed battle which I leave at 20 minutes.

Sic volvere Parcas " So spin the Fates".

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Yeah, I've never had an AI freakout that was this damaging to the battle. No previous Rome games.

I'll come back to Rome II in about a year and see how things got on. I just regret paying the full price...