Total War Battles: SHOGUN Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Achieve your first victory. A Fresh Start
    Complete the campaign. A New Shogun
    Complete a side level in the campaign. Carve A Path
    Complete the first chapter. Cranes and Wolves
    Promote the same unity twice using the Veteran order. Diehard Warriors
    Destroy a building using a Cannon. Fall of the Samurai
    Purchase your first upgrade. Forged
    Move a Cannon into the enemy's base. Geijin Tactics
    Complete all skirmish battles in Shogun difficulty. Great Shogun
    Kill 5 or more enemy units with the same Samurai unit. Head Hunter
    Complete all challenges. Honorable Leader
    Complete a skirmish battle in any difficulty. Ji Samurai
    Complete all the campaign levels with a 3 star rating. Legendary Sensei
    Deploy an elite unit. Living For Battle
    Complete a survival level as your general is being attacked. Narrow Escape
    Complete a campaign level with a 3 star rating. Perfect Strategy
    Complete all the campaign levels. Revered Sensei
    Purchase all the upgrades for one building. Sharpened
    Sneak through an enemy unit with a Ninja. Shinobi
    Complete all skirmish battles in Hard difficulty. Shugo Daimyo
    Complete all skirmish battles in Normal difficulty. Shugodai
    Complete the second chapter. The Dragon's Head
    Spot 3 or more Ninja with the same Monk unit. Wise Sohei

    Contributed by: Guard Master