The BIG ATTILA SURVEY - Now open and taking votes

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Welcome all Total War fans to...

The Big Attila Survey

ATTILA: TOTAL WAR: Is it the plundering warlord of the series... or the weak-chinned heir of Rome 2? Did it ransack your expectations with its excellence... or sully the name of a mighty franchise?

In this 46 question survey you will be asked about numerous aspects of the game's design, how it compares to Rome 2 and your thoughts on the franchise and developers.

The aim of the game is to provide some interesting info to community, modders and developers, so please... consider your time with the game, answer honestly and enjoy the survey (linked here).

I will release the first batch of results after a week or so or when people feel "the time is right". If you think this is a good initiative, keep the thread bumped so others get to see it... and ignore the final page with built-in advertising (the price of freeware, I'm afraid) - your answers have been logged