it deserved a better score , the gameplay is also pretty good

User Rating: 8 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PS2
first of all i would i would like to adress the score gamespot gave it i mean 6.sumthing?? it deserved a lot better than that,
though the voice acting is a bit cheezy but the gameplay is just wild.
the game starts you off as Ramiro's brother you find your self on a zip line shooting enemys then a rocket launcher blows you off the line and you quickly find your way into the escape plane. you get horribly injured and you use Ramiro to shoot jump and kill your way through the game
. the game is free roam and offers crazy moves which give you a neat advantage over the enemy.
the game itself may not have such a gret story line but it has a pretty good ending, a little cliched though but still pretty good.
the game allows you slowmotion moves when there is an enemy near , from diving out of cars and blowing them up in the process to running up a wall , flipping upside down and blasting some guyz head in slow motion it gives it all.

the handling is pretty annoying in the game some what like in transformers the game and it does feel a bit strang that your car can take a head on collisoion and survive at 100 m/h . but blow up in slowmotion just as you are diving out of it at 20 m/h

the game over all is pretty good and the music come in at just the right moment to make the game better so its worth a mention. most people may be annoyed because of the loading, it loads every time you go into a new part of the city.

there are also some special moves that are fun , one of them giving you the ability ti call this guy who blows up anything that moves.
one will allow you run like a bull and kill anything that mves i wont spoil the rest
, the game also has side missions but the replay value of the main story line is minute.

so my advise is get it, it may not look so good . its a great game that most die hard action fans will enjoy.