Nothing can be worse than this GTA clone.

User Rating: 3 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Story: Your a twin brother of a DEA agent and you need to find who killed your father

Missions: Blow something up then kill the rest of the people

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Features: Story,driving missions,weapons,lots of areas to explore.

A.I.: Usually complete idiots. They run into walls and get stuck.

Loading Times: Long going inbetween city districts and short during auto saves.

Graphics: Horrible. The graphcs are not detailed at all and look like a game from the year 1995

Audio: Horrible. Cheasy mexican accents.

Multiplayer: None at all.

Requirements: PC,mouse and keyboard.

The Good: Nothing Really.

The Bad: Everything

The Ugly:Everything. This game is just horrible.

Replay Ability: None.

The Bottom Line: A Horrible GTA clone that should never have been released,