Max Vercetti!!

User Rating: 7 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
The Game Total Overdose is in a word, a cross of GTA and max payne. The same open world graphics from that of GTA and some stylish moves from Max payne.
The game mostly resembles GTA, slightly above GTA liberty city graphics. Like the GTA games you can ride anything with tyres!.. There are also time-kill missions like that of GTA. The missions also corresponds to GTA games.

You can pull out cool and insane moves. Some moves may resemble from those of Max payne, like slow motion shoot kills.
Some moves include wall running and turning over in the air and then slow motion shooting.Such moves are pretty cool to see.
The story isnt very good. An insane story resembling the insane stunts you can pull out.
The soundtracks aren't so bad. You have also some kinda special powers. Some powers help you to charge into anything or anyone and send them flying. Another power grants you infinite Ammo and freezes your health. The powers work for a finite time only. You can collect these powers from the open world of the game.
The game isnt so bad and its really worth playing.