Very funny.& nice!

User Rating: 8.7 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Total Overdose isn't a serious game.It's a funny combination between tge GTA-s & Max Payne. The graphics are not good at all,but they're somehow fun. The sound is superb...everything,voices...the chaos. Gamplay's nice.You'll shoot people & gamgsters from a mexican town,you can drive cars on streets,do missions,take hats,do stunts,races,shootouts,etc.You'll have bullet time & other nice moves(4 example,wall walk kill,fly on the wall,etc)& abilities(Tornado,El Mariachi,El Toro,Golden Gun,Pinata Boom-Boom,etc)-very funny.A lot of waepons,but few cars,but very funny in stunt-making( a stunt with a tractor...!!!),& fragmented districts,wuth loading screens=not nice. The story isn't that great,but it's very very very very funny(almost as funny as Serious Sam 2). I had a lot of fun with Total Overdose.They say it ain't good.It ain't as good as Mafia,the GTA-s,The godfather,Scarface or Just Cause,but it's FUN!& that's what matters whwn you have a sombrero,two sawed-off shotguns & big cojones!