A superb shooter.

User Rating: 9 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Total overdose is a third person shooter with a touch of GTA and a lot of Max Payne.

The game allows you to run around, get in cars and kill people. Like you do in GTA. This game probably uses the Max Payne engine because it seems a lot the same.

You go into slow motion to kill enemys, etc.

The game is fun and the missions are fun.

The controls are perfect, nothing wrong with them.
Don't expect this to have crazy controls, because it really doesn't. Superb controls.

The graphics are average, the type of graphics you see everyday. This is a fun game and I really enjoyed it. Perfect controls, great gameplay and just plain fun.

This game is underrated, but the question is, why is it underrated?
Very strange. I think it is superb.

Let's just say that Total Overdose is worth a buy.
It's certainly a lot of fun with the mixture of GTA and Max Payne.
If your a fan of any type of shooter, you are going to enjoy Total Overdose.