One of the best braindead action games I've ever played. It's over-the-top awesomeness at it's finest.

User Rating: 8.5 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico XBOX
Total Overdose is really fun to play and it manages to stay that way all through the short story mode. This game would have sucked if it wasn't for the amazing moves you can pull off to chain kills together for higher scores. It's like MAX PAYNE combined with a TONY HAWK game, i know it sounds crazy but it most definitely works. The graphics could have been better and the music can get a bit annoying near the end. But the gameplay and the insane over the top moves saves the day and delivers lots of thrills and surprises along the way. You can get different power-ups along the way and you should, in theory be able to finish most, if not all of the levels with the combo meter never running out if you're fast. There are also vehicles in the game, driving them aren't particularly fun, the handling feels a bit awkward. But driving at a bunch of bad guys, jumping out in the nick of time and blow up your car by shooting it while still in mid-air, is awesome. Some bosses do appear, but you should be able to beat them the first time around, only the final boss killed me a couple of times. The only bad thing about this game is that it's way too short, not only that but it's a bit too easy. I consider myself a very average skilled gamer, and managed to get through it without any trouble until the very last levels. The game is short, but also very replayable due to the whole killing system so you're probably gonna return to improve your high score. I love this game, they should make a sequel.