Like a lemon cake spiked with tequila...Awesome! If you can find it Buy It!(Don't ask why i chose lemon cake)

User Rating: 8.5 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PS2
First the ups:
1.Awesome style and songs from bands like Delinquent Habits,Molotov and Control Machete.
2.Lots of gun action with lots of bad guys to kill from the Virgillos(weak henchman) to awesome bosses!
3.Large area to play in while free roaming.
4.Hordes of side missions ranging from kill xx amounts of dope dealers (where xx is a number) to races.

Now the Downs:
1.Nearly all bosses can be taken down by loco moves(special moves e.g. tornado witch sends the main character spinning in a circle in the air while firing 2 Uzis or El Toro witch makes the main guy into a rampaging bull) fairly easily.
2.Cars don't handle very well
3.Short story
4.That's about it(Don't count this as a bad reason)

To sum up:
This game is worth your money if you like action shooters.
Got mine for £6.99.