This brilliaNt Bland --max payne-- Shooter style kind of game comes out in the end as simply fantastic,minus teh driving

User Rating: 8 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PS2
this game has muc to offer

it is Fun,,rewarding,,most funny,,addictive,,plain stupid,awkkvard,,colorful
outrageous,,annoying,,most sloppy,, how somplified graphics can be this good?=) specially since..

the graphics reacts..

when u even hit a killing-spree on chickens=) ?? lol,,oh noes;(( poor chickens ;( so please do'nt shoot them

-- shoot the bastards instead,,those annoying mexicans,,who are only annoying cuz of all the nice tequila they drank=)

,,who painted this game=) ?? nice work Amigo :]

--nice story & cutscenes,,ojbb well done=))

the game is just brilliantly absurd,,and toilet humour in the funniest way=) good work ,,thumbs up=)

toss the salad,,here

all the nice selection of weapons to choose from,,even a rocket launcher nice=) and i mean the story is the best thing abou this game,=) Really=)~~

the training is a pain in the ass..though..

there are no,,mexcians playing an instrument? hmm,,no?

all the modes are great and all the rewards=)

~~ and also the missions etcetc=)

End : its just a blast to play

nuff said=)

-smthing diffrnt,,here