Good story. Good graphic. Great gameplay.

User Rating: 9 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
Total Overdose is almost like Grand Theft Auto. In this third person shooter we ride vehicles, shoot gangsters with cool weapons, save a girl etc... just like the GTA series. GTA is my favorite game. So I love Total Overdose. The last mission involving the rescue from a train is a classic. The guns and the vehicles may look dated back. But still you can have a lot of fun by doing insane moves with the guns and vehicles. Graphics is good enough to have a good playing experience. The gameplay is also very good and its quite easy once you master all the insane moves etc. The story is just great. Like a real movie. But the only downside of this game is when you ride a vehicle you don't get the same experience as in other games like Need for speed or even GTA. Graphics could have been better. But still very much enjoyable. Overall a very good game.