GTA-The mexican way.

User Rating: 8 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PC
This game is nice,funny and full of action with some good ideas and easy missions.
The only thing i really dislike was the graphics,average quality,should be improved in future sequel,wich i thing this game deserves.
You can drive every vehicle you find,despise the low variety of vehicles. I´ve only find ONE motorcycle in all game.
Not a GREAT game (like GTA series),but worth to play,specially if you´ve already finnished all your other games. The first missions are boring,but then the game will improve a lot.This can easilly be called "GTA-Mexico City" with lots of blood,guts,bones,hip-hop,drugs,sex and lots of weapons for you to use while exploring the areas.
If you understand Spanish,you´ll love some comentaries and songs. Don´t pay more than 15.00$ (10.00€) for this one,i got mine in a magazine for 5 €.
Nice gaming to all.