Total Overdose is one of the best action games ever relased.

User Rating: 9.3 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico XBOX
Total Overdose is from Deadline Games which is in Denmark (my home). They made many PC games, but they wheren´t so good. Total Overdose is their first intornitoal game, and fortunley it´s very good. It all starts when your father is mudered after a misson. Now his son takes affiar, and want to find out who killed him, but he is injured doing a mission, so the job now relays on his crazy and crimal brother Ram. It´s now up to Ram how to do things. Ram is a man who dosen´t like to do what he is told. He does the jobs, but how he does it is all what´s it about. He´s very trigger happy. The game is of coruse filled with lot´s of action. You start in a city, whichs is of coruse free romaning. You start in one section of the city, and when you are switching sections, a loading screen appears. You can steal cars, clear side missions, and nick hats (no i mean it). The side missions involves find some coke stands, chaglles, races, etc. They are a bit reptive, but what does it, when they are fun? Of coruse the highlight is the story missions. They are very action filled. What this game does is combing Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and Tony Hawk. The free romaing is like GTA, shooting sections are like Max Payne, and a combo system from Tony Hawk. Everytime you kill a enemy, you get 1 mutilplyer. Kill more enemies to score more mutilplyers. At the end of it, you points you recived from killing get´s doubled with your mutilplyers. It is kind of funny that there are Tony Hawk elements in a action game, but fortunley it works very well. The controls aren´t so hard either. You have over 60 moves at your disposal, and learning them isen´t going to be hard. The best thing about the controls is that earning headshot kills are easy. Just hold X down, and a marker appears on the nearst character. When it´s showing a little circle colored red, shoot, and you earn a headshot kill. It of coruse requries timing, but it isen´t so hard once you really learn it. The cars you drive are a good additon. Althrough the have a handling that´s very bad, they drive ok. The graphics are really nice. Character models look great, and the enviorments really gives you the feeling that you are in Mexico. So does the sound. The voice acting are great, and the dialog is filled with jokes like: I have been shot by alderine in the heart. It´s like that movie Pump Fiction, Pulp Action (refearing to the almightiny film Pulp Fiction. The jokes are very good. The music is one of the best things about the game. When you enter action sections, the music starts slowly, but as you kill more pepole, the music get ramped up, and getting better. There are many licinsed music in the game, like Delinquent Habits. The lifesplan are decent. The 20 story missions can be completed in 10 hours, but they offer you a big replay valuve. There are some secerts to find in the city too. Overall this is one of the best Actions games on a console. It´s amost flawless, but there are times where it need more work. But this game is really worth to look out for.