Maxican Payne

User Rating: 8.5 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PS2
It's actually quite a good game. But there are things about it that do bother me. First off the good parts: THIS GAME IS CRAZY! it dosent take itself seriously and its all about going crazy with guns,Running up walls,doing flips and matrix style slo-mo.

Sometimes you get powerups and special weapons/forms like the piniata bomb or turn into this big mexican wrestler which can be quite funny. and sure you will definitely get some fun and laughs out of this game, But there are some things that need improvement and it shows.

For instance, This game is a small bit of a GTA wannabe. There are some huge fre roaming citys and places to go around (not as big as GTA, though) But the main problem with this is that the enviroments look bland with only some places that look reasonable compared to GTA's enviroments which are filled with character. Plus the driving kinda sucks. The way the car feels and moves just isnt much fun. But it wont put you off driving from the game, though.

Like GTA, Your talk to somebody or walk to a certian point to start a mission (there are side missions too like kill people or race somebody) And most of the time the missions are kill,kill,kill,kill...

Another thing that dissapoints me is that the game says it has tons of diffrent moves but they are really just things like "Shoot somebody in the head after throwing a grenade to perform some move with a Mexican food/drink pun in it's name" Its more comboing two attacks or hitting specific points of somebody's body than a whole new move

So while the game has it's faults. Its still a decent, fun game...and somewhat cheesy story