This is a very kick ass and addictive game. The only two things I wish it had is 2-4 player coop & a sniper rifle.

User Rating: 10 | Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico PS2
I first played this game on Gametap I saw the trailer for it on there and I three months left on Gametap. So I thought why not it looks pretty cool so I downloaded it. I could only get so far before the game would freeze every time when I tried to open the gate to let the dea in. Well, I got tired of asking Gametap to try and help me with this problem. So I saw it at Gamestop used only for $5 for the PS2. I wanted to finish it so bad so I picked it up the cool thing is it also came with a special second disc which gave me a sample of one of the tomb raider's which I still haven't tried yet because I'm still addicted and playing Total Overdose lol. Anyways like I said in the review deck this game just kicks ASS!! Well, I would type more info about the game but I have to go I'll edit this later with more detail of the game when I can later all.