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User Rating: 8 | Total Immersion Racing PC
Car racing games have long been a mainstay of the gaming industry, and with so many of them out there it seems an almost impossible task to come up with something new and original. Some give you the option of building your car from the ground up, others have given you the ability to build your own tracks, and almost every other option under the sun has been offered by one game or another. So what is going to make TOTAL IMMERSION RACING stand out from the crowd?

How about an AI system that allows your computer opponents to learn the way that you drive and then act to counter that style? Yeah, even that has been done to a degree, but lets now add the Emotional factor to that equation. Yes, the AI drivers in TIR now show emotion! Heres how it works. Each driver, either in real life or in the games AI, has individual strengths and weaknesses with regard to stamina, track knowledge, judgment, ect. These are converted to emotions, which can change during the course of a race depending on the interaction with other racers and situations. A driver may become AGGRESSIVE if he is blocked or another racer makes contact with him. He may show CONFIDENCE if he overtakes another driver or causes him to commit an error, but this can easily become overconfidence! Other drivers may show DEFENSIVENESS, especially during the last lap of the race when he wants to protect his racing line. These emotions are shown during the game by small icons, watch these carefully and they may give you the edge you need to make a move depending on the other drivers emotions!

TIR follows a pretty standard Gameplay format, practice, qualify, and race, set in a weekend race format.

It is also very linear, you start out in the GT class driving your choice of two stock cars at one of five tracks. You must learn your driving line and get good enough to win some races before other classes of cars and additional tracks are unlocked for you. And here there are a couple of more neat features not usually found in other racing games. The first is your 'In Race Engineer,' that will help you make adjustments to your car during your practice sessions. During your practice, your 'Engineer' will come on each lap and make an adjustment to the car. It may be an adjustment to the gears or possibly the suspension or wings. At any point during the practice you may elect to stop and save those settings for the race, or you may also go in without the 'Engineer' and make your own adjustments. Second is the 'Race Team' factor. During your career you will be approached by several Race Teams offering you a race contract to race for their Team. When you accept an offer you will get a Team Manager that will offer advice during your career