Good non-streets racing game, not good graphics but the Challenge Series are great!

User Rating: 7.9 | Total Immersion Racing PC
Since I'm the oly person who is reviewing this game, or the first I hope!, I'm gonna be totally sincere cause I feel that propably NO ONE is gonna read this review. I was gifted Total Immersion Racing or TIR as I commonly refer to it, and didn't play it for a long time (didn't install it at all I mean), since one day... I was out of uncompleted games in my PC and I searched at my CD cases and found TIR. I installed it, started a career but it wasn't as good as it had to be for me to like it. Then I started the challenge series, and they're GREAT! This game doesn't have cool graphics, audio but surely has something that makes you like it. If you are planning to buy this game you should know that this is a good game and that the challene series are the only thing worth in it. Good luck.