An arcade racer in sim's clothing...

User Rating: 7.5 | Total Immersion Racing XBOX
I'm open to trying as many racing games as they can offer for the Xbox and Total Immersion seemed to pop up everywhere when I was searching for new games. At first glance Total Immersion is yet another racing sim that you'll spend countless hours grinding away at to get all the cars, upgrades and other fun things, wrong! Total Immersion strips down to a bare essentials racing sim, though it's more like an arcade racer in sim's clothing.

Total Immersion reminds me of Sports Car GT for the PSone, a game which I liked quite a bit, in the way it handles like an arcade game but has simulation elements thrown in for added effect. There are no upgrades, there are no cars to unlock or add to your garage, you simply pick from one of the classes; GT, GTS or Pro and choose a team. From there you are set into the season driving races for the team you chose.

Difficulty is fairly easy, you'll find yourself wanting to slow down to play bumper cars with the other cars in your class rather than just take the win, as this game offers no damage to speak of. This game did come out long before the days of the great racing games we know now but still offers a great variety of fun that can at sometimes become repetitive, no flash just stripped down racing! Worth a look in your bargain bin!