am i the only 1 who cares about this game?

User Rating: 7 | Total Eclipse Turbo PS
the good
im not sure what but its something
the bad not much for music hard right out of the box no analog support.
total eclipse turbo is 1 of those launch games for the ps1 thats very rare to find nowadays cause of the games high obscureity as a sequel to a obscure game known as solar eclipse for the saturn and panasonic 3DO and stepping stone to the 3DO game total eclipse and the games was widely panned by critcs for unknwon reasons buts its better then they say the game came out on 8/29/1995 it failed to obtain greatist hits rank cause of its obscureity it never came out outside canada europe or japan for this reason. ign rated it a 4 out of 10 but if u r a space shooter finatic the get this game gameplay 7/10
music 3/10
grapihcs 5/10
voice 2/10
overall its prety neat