Total Distortion Cheats For PC

  1. Access Cheat Menu

    When done creating a new player, hold down Control when clicking on Ready and you will access the cheat menu.

    Contributed by: Cegus Rigflo 

  2. Find Edgar Death

    To find Edgar Death, you must follow these steps.

    1. Find the remote to Hell's Garage. It is hidden in a potted plant in the near the elevator in the L.A. Stage.

    2. Go to Hell's Garage, use the remote, and go inside. Pick up the bell, and then go to the Sonic Cemetary.

    3. Once past the gate, use the bell, and you will summon Edgar Death. Use your video camera, and you will be able to make videos with Edgar Death's music, scenery, and clips of him and the other things in the Sonic Cemetary.

    Contributed by: Cegus Rigflo 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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