One of the best real-time strategy games ever created!

User Rating: 9 | Total Annihilation PC
Of all the strategy games ever made, few can even brush shoulders with Total Annihilation. It's game-play is superb, and offers hundreds of diverse units to employ on large-scale maps; large enough to make an event happening on one side of the map seem far away, but small enough to not take away from the feeling of the game.

Huge, several screen wide, slug fests between hundreds of units, punctuated by the explosion of nuclear weapons on the battlefield, are quite possible. And the carnage of the aftermath, burning metal corpses that litter the battlefield, do not disappear after! If untouched, the corpses stay, giving evidence to the intense battles you've fought.

The soundtrack, composed by Jeremy Soule, is brilliant; the best I've heard for this genre. The music automatically matches the mood, and if you ever tire of it, you're given the option to play your own music.

A large modding community exists for this game (Designed to be easily modded), offering many new maps, missions, units, and whatever else you can think of.

Unfortunately, the game is kept from a 10 score by one flaw: The storyline is almost non-existent. While it is a sad absence, the game-play is enough to push it past this roadblock.

Total Annihilation is unsurpassed in the RTS genre so far. Newer RTS' have each contributed to the genre, or refined the old formula, but none have reached the overall excellency of innovation and game-play that TA has. I would recommend this game to any person who considers them-self a fan of strategy games.