One of the most memorable RTS games I've played

User Rating: 9 | Total Annihilation PC
Total Annihilation is one of the most memorable RTS games I've played.I like the diversity of the units.You could build robots,light armored tanks that move very fast and can fire a weapon very rapidly to quickly destroy an enemy unit/structure,vehicles that can fire rockets over a very long distance,heavily armored tanks that are slow moving but have a powerful weapon that can destroy light armored enemy units with one shot.There's also a good variety of aircraft(such as bombers,fast moving planes that shoot missles)and there's naval units that range from small,fast light armored boats to the big,powerful battleships.One of the factions(I think it's the Arm,but I'm not totally sure,because I haven't played the game for years),can build mechanical,spider-like vehicles that can paralyse enemy vehicles temporarily.

There's also steep terrain that makes vehicles travel much slower when they're travelling up it,and allows units that have the higher ground position to easily pick off enemies that are travelling up steep terrain.There's also missions that are on moons with no atmosphere(meaning you cannot use aircraft),and there's missions that are in environments mostly covered by sea,and force you to use naval units and aircraft to your advantage.

In the story of TA,two armies are at war with eachother,they are named the Arm and the Core.They're fighting eachother on thousands of different planets and want to totally annihilate eachother.The Arm and the Core originally were originally human based factions,but they transported their minds into robots to gain eternal life.

The resources you'll need collect to build units with are metal and energy.In some missions,metal can be extracted from a few areas on the map,and in other missions,you can extract metal from anywhere.You can collect energy by building reactors.So protecting your metal extraction sites are very important,and destroying your enemy's metal extraction sites or capturing them can be a helpful tactic.Metal sites have an unlimited quantity of metal,so as long as you have an extractor placed over a metal site,you will never stop receiving metal from it.

You can also build long range artillery which can fire almost across a map and wreck havoc on your enemy's base(but they take a long time to build and cost a lot of resources,which slows down how quickly you can build an army and other things).

For more realism,debris from damaged units can also get in your way,or be used as cover.

The things I don't like about the gameplay are,sometimes both sides can throw massive numbers of units against eachother so quickly,and it's easy to get overwhelmed once you fall behind.Some units also take an incredibly long time to build and some units are overpowered and can singlehandidly change the outcome of a mission,and you can play a mission for one hour before you'll realize you're in an unwinnable position.

The graphics were great for their time,and while they're not truly 3D,the maps and units had a 3D feel to them and when the robot units walked around,their movements are very smooth and the vehicles move in a realistic way.

The environments can range from forest,tropical islands and sea covered maps,desert,moons,artificial worlds made entirely of metal,alien looking planets with weird vegetation.

There's also big explosions and vegetation can catch fire and during battles,you'll see the battlefield cluttered with debris.

To be honest,I don't like TA's music that much,but the units of each side attach eachother,the music can speed up and become intense.

The robots make a mechanical sound effect and the fast moving vehicles and aircraft male a sound as if they're powered by some advanced energy source and it suits the sci fi feel of the game.

Overall-It's one of my favorite RTS games ever and I played it a lot until StarCraft was released.