very old game, an instant classic!

User Rating: 8.9 | Total Annihilation PC
this is one of those thing you seem to be able to get ONLY in charity shops now these days and i fortunatly found a copy of this and took it home.
i cant remember why i sold or lost it, but i was being a fool when i was.
now, obviously, the graphics compared to todays stardards are rubbish, but thats not what we focus on in old games now do we?

now, lets get onto the good bits. after about an hour to get it set up on XP, i played a skirmish to get back into it. it is brilliant, the game suits every and all types of gameplay. you a tank rusher? then build a basic base and start pumping out the tanks and Kbots, you a hedgehogger like me? then revert all your reasources to making a lead curtain. air commander? then build a basic base and start pumping out your aircraft. the list is almost endless.

and the maps are HUGE. i played on one and i swear its bigger than any C&C map. amd this is where tactics come in. because the map is so huge, flanking is possible without being detected. naval battles can be immense if its an island map. nukes can take out your entire base in a single hit, yet they might not have noticed your other base youve been secretly building which has both nuke and anti nuke silo and let rip when he thinks he's clear, but that doesnt mean he cant detect them with early warning radar.
and artillery is key in this game, in other smaller game you could just rush and arty unit without him hitting you once, in this game its differant. the big bertha (BIG GUN) can fire shells that can iradicate entire coloumns of medium tanks in one shell. thats firepower. and the old RTS rule of "if you fire it, its going to hit" is out the window, "dumb" rounds like shells and plasma projectiles are not exempt from the rules of physics, they will follow a straight path unless they hit a hill or a unit, both freind or foe which is why we come back to arty, it can fire over hills and freindlies into massive ranks of units and wipe them out.

but the nukes in this game are key and the end game. whoever can get the most nukes into the other teams base practically wins. if you hit the commander you have then it is definatly game over as this is the most important unit in the game.

overall, a great classic, if you find it in a bargin bin or charity shop, pick it up and buy it, you wot regret it.