One of the best games ever

User Rating: 10 | Total Annihilation PC
This game is unique. It is a one of a kind game that lets you command mass armies of tanks, robots, and jets. I am very impressed with this game. I have had this game since 2 months after it came out. When I played it, I was astonished by all of the units and maps there was. I was not that surprised that there are still dedicated players that play this game 9 years after it came out. The amounts of players that still play this game and the fun that it is playing this game make this game worth it if you find a copy of it. This game might get boring after a while, but there’s much more units and mods to make this game more interesting. Unlike most of the RTS’s I have played, this is the first one that I have seen that can fit almost anyone’s challenge level. I highly suggest this game. It might be from 1997, but it is a heck of a game