Overrated , poor display and yes, boring campaign ! Difficulty however is fine with me.

User Rating: 5.5 | Total Annihilation PC
Where to start well :

Graphics : Well ok , if we compared to the time in which game was made but its display is cursed. I will not write a lot regarding this but the armed forces look like stupid ants.

Difficulty : A bit hard but ok. Yes difficulty is wonderfully designed and it is one of the factor due to which I gave the game the point - 5.5 otherwise it would have been less.

Music and sound effect : Music and unit sound is satisfactory but the battle sound effect give me a headache and somewhat rolling effect in ear.

Campaign and story : It is boring and poorly designed.

Gameplay : Ah ! Gameplay is well fine because game is pretty old designed for windows 95. But still amenities are less and whenever there is battle , stupid ants start destructing enemy or being perished and then my God ! , the wreckage spills all around (though natural) and aircraft seem like stupid flies ! We cannot design robots and only ants and ants and ants all round and round.

Alliance : When we make allies there is no assistance and just the independent game but still ok yet not satisfiable.

Value : Fine with me.

Tilt : So so......

Map : NO realistic effect.

Artificial Intelligence : POOR !!

Enjoyment : Not at all !

Controls : Fine :)