I dare to say, better than Supreme Commander

User Rating: 10 | Total Annihilation PC
This is a game that is 13 years old and still beats ALL RTS games that came out afterwards. It's not just what I think, its a fact. Cavedog is the best RTS game publisher and nothing can make me change that thought.

Right now I'm downloading it again since I formatted and lost the installation somewhere and I would rather play it than Supreme Commander. Supcom has nothing more to offer than Totala. And the difference is OVER 10 YEARS in game publishing. I hope everyone comprehends when I say that this game was the best game then, and still is in the RTS genre.

It's completely addictive, and even though it lacks maps(which was fixed with the expansion) it's fun. It can't be boring, you must move and control a lot of places at the same time and that keeps you busy for hours. I played a single map for over 12 hours what do you think how many time I spent playing altogether? Maybe 500 hours I dare to say.

Absolute success, Cavedog, don't give up and let GPG ruin this beautiful game. SC:FA is close, but still not improved enough if you take in mind that 10 years have passed since the original game.