Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Cheats For PC

  1. Power Codes

    You must enable the 'Power Codes' option when setting up a Skirmish or Multi-Player session for these codes to work.

    These codes do NOT work in the Story mode

    +ATM - Awards player 5000 Mana.
    +DOUBLESHOT - All damage is doubled.
    +HALFSHOT - All damage is halved.
    +NOWISEE - Shows the entire map.
    +RADAR - Turns radar on or off.
    +LOS - Turns Line of Sight on or off.

    Contributed by: Darth Mawl 

  2. Miscellaneous Codes

    The following codes can be entered in either multiplayer mode, or in the Story mode.

    +BPS - Shows network statistics.
    +FOGCOLOR xxx xxx xxx - Let's you change the color of the fog of war. Replace 'xxx' with a number 1 - 256 to get different colors. The 1'st color is Red, the 2'nd is Green, and the 3'rd is Blue.
    +CLEARCHAT - Clears chat messages from the screen.
    +KENNY - Turns off unit animations.
    +LOGO x - Changes your color. Replace x with 1 - 9 for different colors.
    +NAMEUNIT [xxx] - Rename the currently selected unit. Replace xxx with the name.
    +CLOCK - Shows the game clock.
    +SING - Your units now.....sing.....Yeah.
    +MAKEPOSTER - Takes a HUGE screenshot.(Be careful with this one, it's a slow process.)
    +NETSCORECARD - Turns the score card on or off.
    +PAGE x - Pages player x.
    +QUIT - Quits the game.

    Contributed by: Darth Mawl 

  3. Miscellaneous Codes

    These codes can be entered in story mode or multiplayer mode. Just hit enter and type:

    Effect Effect
    +SHOOTALL Causes units to shoot everything they see.
    +LIGHT Darkens shaded objects.
    +SHADOW Removes shadows from buildings.
    +SHOWRANGES Shows the ranges of your units.
    +SHADING Toggles shading on 3d objects.

    Contributed by: Taski897 

  4. Power Codes

    These can only be inputted in multiplayer or skirmish mode, not story mode. The 'Power Codes' option must be selected. Just hit enter and type these in:

    Effect Effect
    +NOSHAKE Stops explosions from shaking the screen.

    Contributed by: Taski897 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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