Can be fun for the short term, Not worth playing long term.

User Rating: 5 | Torchlight X360

Obviously, since it was created by former Diablo developers, The influence that Diablo has on this game is heavy. Torchlight, however, provides an entertaining experience in its own right that will keep fans happy in the short amount of time it takes to beat it.

Torchlight is your typical dungeon crawler at times. The enemies get progressively harder as you progress further down the dungeon and the quality of the loot increases dramatically. The different character options and skill trees help craft a different gameplay experience but not one that we are unfamiliar with.

At times, I felt the game was a little bit too bare. The gameplay is simple yet repetitive. The graphics leave much to be desired. And the biggest flaw of all would be the lack of quality storytelling. The side-missions are basic repetitive fetch quests or kill this boss on this level. The main story was laughable predictable and was over as quickly as it started. In short, Torchlight doesn't really do anything that warrants high praise.

I beat the game in less than 7 hours, Spent another 5 after that finishing out the last achievement I needed and that was it. I didn't feel compelled to play the game any longer and if it wasn't for that last achievement, I probably would have stopped playing much earlier than that. It's just not the kind of game that you invested 20 hours or more in, Heck it's barely worth investing 15 hours in. That's not to same that the game can't be fun to play, at first, but it just grows stale fairly quickly.

Overall: 5/10
Torchlight is a solid arcade game. It does everything decent enough to make it playable but nothing good enough to warrant a higher review score. However, It is the kind of game that I wouldn't mind checking out the sequel. The base is there for a good series but they have to really expand things in order to keep me interested in the long term.